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Assortment of Ladya brand - inflatable boats and kayaks for export

Ladya rowboats represented as 2 standard sizes (270, 290). We also offer inflatable boats 190, 220, 240, 240A and 250.

The main advantages of inflatable Ladya rowing boats

Ladya motorboats represented as 4 standard sizes (270, 290, 310, 330). The keel inflatable boats presented with the 5 sizes (310, 330, 360, 420, 450).

The main advantages of inflatable Ladya motor boats

Inflatable Ladya boats

Each standard size has several versions of inflatable boats:

- Boats with Slano-pad;

- Models with Slano-book;

- Inflatable boats with the stationary transom;

- Models with the hinged transom;

- Inflatable boats with soft inflatable seats, with adjustable seats and with fixed seats;

- Models with an acute or trapezoidal nose part.



Inflatable Ladya kayaks

Inflatable Ladya kayaks are presented in  three sizes:

- Single kayaks (300 and 380 size);

- Doubles kayaks (450 size);

- Triple kayaks (530 size).


Each kayaks size has 4 models:

- Inflatable Ladya kayak Basic;

- Inflatable Ladya kayak Standard;

- Inflatable Ladya kayak Sport;

- Inflatable Ladya kayak Comfort.




Elite quality of the brand name Ladya floating facilities ideally correlated with their stability shall and load capacity. Their increased balloon diameter and the increased width of inflatable boats models are doing Ladya as safe as possible on the water. 

Because of inflatable Ladya kayak’s special design it may aspire to the most high-speed inflatable kayaks status in Ukraine and the EU. Ladya kayaks also just a created by for white water rafting. Kayaks are designed for rafting on mountain rivers. This is confirmed by severe tests traversed taken in the "white" water of the Southern Bug.

The obligation and desire go to meet. All of this - Ladya company. Want to know more? Call us:

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